Welcome to brad's home page. If you got here, it's likely because of my e-mail address. (Or you are way off in your search for that musician from San Francisco) There's not much here, but I wanted to have a place on the web for my links, downloadable files, and other random items that didn't really fit anywhere else. Thanks for visiting!

I still do web design for projects that I have strong feelings about. Most are simple one pagers or Wordpress adaptations that allow the owner to maintain their site. If you need something, I might be your guy, so let me know.

> twinstarfever - 50+ honda twinstars on a custom wordpress site maintained by me
> schmidtdean.com - art gallery, philadelphia, pa - custom wordpress site developed by me, maintained by the owner
> broke bastard racing - a fan site - I'm not only the developer, I'm also a sponsor
> weirless.net - my travel blog

> magic 6 ball - a windows application that allows you to predict your future! (see it)
> sharon's script - javascript that blanks out check boxes if you select the 'n/a' one
> hide your eMail - javascript that keeps web crawlers from finding your e-mail address
> change stylesheets daily - javascript that automatically changes your stylesheet daily

> delete duplicate rows - (VBA) deletes rows in a spreadsheet with a duplicate value in row "A"

> magic 8 baLL - predict your future

> - sned me an e-mail
> my cyclography - every motorcycle I've ever owned

Ouch - June 2018