Welcome to Brad's home page. I gave up on the blog and the photo galleries since most of that stuff is now covered by social networking and image sharing websites. Still, I wanted to have a place on the web for my links, downloadable files, and other random items that didn't really fit anywhere else. Plus, I keep the domain name so that I can maintain my e-mail addresses. Thanks for visiting!




These files are just a few things that I've done over the years. If you can use them, then please do. After intial release and use, most of them have not been maintained, so you may have to tweak the code. Right-click or Apple-click to save files. Like anything else on the net, do not download and use these files unless you trust the source. Users accept ALL responsibility for downloading these files.

Some VBA for Microsoft Excel that I've written. If you can use these, be my guest. Some javascripts that I've written, although, I don't do too much of it anymore. If you can use these, be my guest.

All downloads are for non commercial use only.