Welcome to brad's home page. (under construction with the move to a new host) If you got here, it's likely because of my e-mail address. (Or you are way off in your search for that musician from San Francisco). For now, this site mostly exists so that I can maintain my e-mail address. Might expand it sometime but for now it's just a contact link and my Linkedin info. Thanks for stopping by.

If you got here from Linkedin, I am a Mirth Certified Integration Analyst and former OPENLink instructor who loves HL7 (really). First time I saw an OBX sticker on a car, I thought it was about results. Please feel free to contact me via my and my Linkedin profile.

In addition to HL7, I guess you would call me an Excel hobbyist. I've used it for work for years, but I also like to use it whenever I can to make repeatable behaviors more automated. To that end, I created an Excel spreadsheet that takes mapping specifications and turns them into JavaScript code for Mirth interfaces. I haven't decided if I want to share it just yet. I'm glad to give it away, but I don't want someone else to monetize it.

My friend Jack once called me "A hayseed in a zoot-suit". I think that says it all!